15 Content Ideas for your Internal Newsletter

Here at Bulletin, our work is to create the best software for employee newsletters, we know it’s not easy to start one from scratch! So we've gathered 15 content ideas to help you get started on your internal newsletter.

Company Content

Policy updates 

Have you recently changed one of your company’s policies affecting your employees? It’s time to update the team! Incorporate it at the top of your employee newsletter to make sure it will catch everyone’s eye.

Business updates

Give an update on your company KPIs for your employees, investors, and board members. Make sure they are informed on how your company is doing and where it is headed. You can choose to do this every week or month, depending on your goals.


As a CEO or a Communications Manager, you probably often find yourself posting announcements to your employees and other stakeholders about important changes that will happen inside your organization. You might be already posting those announcements on Slack. Consider also adding them to your internal newsletter, which many might see as a more official, salient channel. That way, you'll make sure that your employees have not missed your messages.

Employee Content


Celebrate employee birthdays and work anniversaries by adding them to your newsletter. Integrate testimonials from their coworkers to make it more personal and fun! On a more professional level, celebrating work anniversaries are always a great occasion for a team to recognize an employee's commitment and contributions.

Employee arrivals & departures

As part of your onboarding / offboarding process, start highlighting arrivals and departures. It is both a practical and thoughtful gesture. Practical in the sense that it will inform everyone in the company, and thoughtful in the sense that it will be perceived as a mark of attention for the employee. Make sure to add useful details about the employee, such as the date they will arrive or leave, contact information, and any other detail that could be potentially good to be known by other employees. 

Employee spotlight

Employee spotlights are always great content for internal newsletters! They shine a light on the employees and help people across teams to get to know one another. You can do employee spotlights in the form of Q&As, or maybe ask the employee to write about an interesting project that they are working on.

Resource Content

Company resources

Do you allocate a budget for your employees’ learning, activities, and well-being? If yes, then you should be able to explain that and integrate it into your internal newsletter. Other examples of company resources include free software, memberships, stipend budgets, wellness programs, and training sessions.


Useful links

Do you ever come across an article or video that you thought was worth sharing, but weren't quite sure where to share it? Your employees probably do too! Create a section in your newsletter for all employees to share useful links as they find them, and share them all at once with your newsletter.

Market trends & Competitor watch

You or someone in your company might keep up with the market trends. Why not leverage that work to include that as part of your routine newsletter? Employees will appreciate being updated on market trends. Same thing for competitors that you might monitor regularly. You might be finding yourself inspired by their work and want to share that with your teammates if you think that is something relevant to them.

External Content

Job openings

Consider adding referral programs, if that’s not already the case, in your organization. They are a reliable way to find your next great hire! That way you can get first-hand feedback from your employees on who you are interviewing, and build great company culture.

Customer stories & Press features

Depending on their position, your employees might not find themselves being exposed to your customers often. But that doesn’t mean they're not interested and curious about what’s happening. Consider showcasing a customer with an interesting background, or just updating your team about a recently acquired client. Have you been recently featured in the news? Try showcasing press features in your employee newsletter, and improve your company’s internal reputation.  

Practical Content

Upcoming deadlines

Employees are busy and some of us are not great at consistently updating our calendar, especially when it comes to administrative tasks. Consider adding a section in your newsletter with important upcoming deadlines, such as performance evaluations and feedback forms.


Do you sometimes run internal surveys to get information about important issues? Start sharing surveys in your newsletter to increase the participation rate. Make sure to give people incentives so they feel like their time is valuable, like a gift card to a local bakery or coffee shop.

Feel-Good Content

Pet updates 

Try adding more fun and light content to diversify your newsletter and make it more engaging. Invite your team to share photos of their furry friends! You can even take it to the next level by adding themes to your pet updates (Halloween, Christmas, April’s Fools, etc.).

Promote events

Do you sometimes come across events that could potentially be of interest to your coworkers? You could create a section in your internal newsletter and share the link and details about the events, and invite your employees to do the same!