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A comprehensive newsletter platform for your Internal Comms

Communicate with simplicity

Bulletin was designed to enable organizations of any size to create their Internal Communications with ease. Create, edit, distribute and measure employee comms without overthinking it!

Save time

Writing team updates shouldn't take that much time. This is why we have made the perfect platform for users to contribute and send effective communications in just a few clicks.

Gather employee input  

Our platform is designed to enable collaboration. Create internal news updates and access all your employees contributions in one space, without needing to coordinate.

One tool for your workflow

No need for form submissions, email chains, or project management tools, since everything takes place on our platform. You can schedule your newsletters, add guest editors, and view previous newsletters, all in the same place!

Increase employee engagement

Consistent and clear communications are very important in companies of all sizes. Sure, using Slack or Teams works but some news just deserves more! Give significance to employee stories and company milestones, and spread important information.

Bring best practices

Create clear, digestible content, and build your company culture and best practices over time! Share contributions that matter, and improve communication between departments.

toolzgather testimonial
“Bulletin has allowed our team to save two hours a week.”
- Clément Le Cuillier
Business & Operations @ toolzgather

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