Monthly Employee Newsletter Template

We know how hard it is to start a newsletter from scratch. That’s why we created Bulletin. To make things easier, we put together the below template with suggested structure and content to get you started! We have divided the structure into header and body: the header is usually a section at the beginning of the newsletter that follows a clear structure for every issue, while the body can change in terms of content for each issue, based on the news and activity of the company.

We know it is always hard to get participation from everyone inside your organization, that’s why you can use Bulletin. Get contributions from all teams/departments without wasting time asking around. With Bulletin you can get your new newsletter and all the features you need up and running in minutes - no need to worry about layout, design, setting up archives, or fiddling with a dozen settings.


Introduction: A clear and short introduction to your newsletter. 

[Company name]’s Monthly newsletter: Company & Employee news digest.

Summary: List the content of your newsletter. 

- Last month’s accomplishments
- Upcoming projects
- HR announcements
- New employees

Call to action: Make sure to put a call to action early on in the newsletter to engage all your readers. 

Have something you think should be included in the next issue? Add it here!  Our newsletter team will review your submission.


Business metrics updates: Give an overview of important metrics to your employees.

Monthly metrics updates:
- Revenue has increased 2% 
- User sign-ups increased by 5%
- Churn rate decreased by 1%

Company’s accomplishments: Add a story about one of your company’s accomplishments. This can be something like acquiring a new customer, press coverage, or even internal projects. 

- This month we have onboarded [customer name], a new enterprise customer. 
- Make sure to check out this article in which we have been featured [insert link]
- We have launched a new marketing campaign with the theme “Environmental Impact”

Department updates: Employees are not always aware of what is happening in other departments so it’s important to make sure to update them about other teams’ work.

- Marketing update: Launched campaigns X and Y...
- The product team has successfully finished developing a new online shopping experience feature

Upcoming projects/Project updates: If your organization is launching an important project, make sure to inform all employees about it, and post updates about it.

- [project update] update: we recently rolled out phase 3 of the project…
- We recently launched [project name]: the goal is to [goal name]...

HR announcements: keep your team informed about benefits and policies.

- Please choose your health insurance plan by October 15
- We have launched a new perk: 200$ stipend for a gym membership, gym classes …

New employees: Introduce new employees inside of your organization.  

This month we have welcomed: [list employees’ names]. Here is a small Q&A we have done with each of them…

Employee spotlights: Foster connections and pride within the company by featuring a new employee every month.

This month Ellen, our cybersecurity analyst, describes her day-to-day role …

Finish with a call to action: Leave a call to action for feedback at the end of your newsletter!

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